torstai 27. marraskuuta 2008

memory of sound

25th Nov

Writing text on the snow and what kind of context?

After I and Nina had several discussions about the theme, we found that there were in common and it would be interesting to work together. We decided to use the snow as a material we will work with. Nina also has been interested in a time based material. We found that there is slope with covered with snow which no one has not touch so far in Kamppi square. It was just like a tremendous billboard. Then we came up with the idea to write something and throw simple message of remembering of space. Using a kind of graffiti technique, we want to vandalize the space in a positive way and more playful way. At the same time we are making the situation to judge it if it is wrong or it is against law. Nina suggested that we write a memory of sound.
She has been always interested in sound and talked about the memory of sound in Hakaniemi today.

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